more work, less fun?

9 Apr

Well, I was thinking about writing posts in german or in english before I started this blog. And as you can see, the last post is quite old by now. I am from Hamburg, Germany, so it should be german, because this is the mother tongue. But I was thinking that I could improve my […]

Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake

28 Feb

Being invited by a neighbour to come over to toast to her birthday comes with a question: what to bring along. Do I bring gifts, buy champagne or should I bake a birthday cake? Not an easy problem to solve, especially, if you do not know the person that well. Also, I had no idea […]

Weird looks?

26 Feb

The look in the mirror in the morning can be odd, if someone strange looks back at you… Today I got this alien feeling from my blog. As you can see, some things are odd and different. There are some problems WordPress wants to fix – unfortunately I can do nothing about the appearance. So, […]

Sweet treats without regret

25 Feb

Again I wander around our home craving some sweets or crackers. Sofa to kitchen, kitchen to sofa. Should I or should I not?

Get rid of water rings on wood

23 Feb

This weekend, we visited a friend and her boyfriend at their house. The four of us had dinner and some drinks, talked a lot and it got pretty late. So we stayed the night. The next morning we prepared a nice breakfast together and I helped her putting all the things from the kitchen onto […]

Baking sourdough bread in America

4 Feb

It is Feburary 2013 and I am lucky to have the possibility to visit friends in Florida. They are really nice guys from Germany, too, and I thought it might be a nice thing to show off my bread-baking skills ;-)… Well, that was not the best idea. I went to publix and bought dry […]

#1: Beach-Box

29 Jan

Nowadays you can’t really go anywhere without your smartphone. Is it grocery shopping, meeting friends for a coffee or doing sports outdoors… we always carry our second brain with us. But what do you do for its protection? How can you make sure that, for example sand or water does not harm your “beloved” device? […]

Fabrics! Just around the corner!

27 Jan

What do you do with a nice little fabrics-store in your neighbourhood? You celebrate it by buying regularly there and starting your new projects with only, and I mean ONLY, stuff from this shop! If you are lucky, you get an Scandinavian shop with all the nicest sewing specialties from Denmark, Sweden and so on […]

In the cupcake-mood?

25 Jan

… and you do not have any? If you are located in the US, it should not be a problem. As far as I know, there’s always a bakery around selling the nicest varieties… But in Germany? I was walking through Hamburg with my mother in law. We met for breakfast and wanted to enjoy […]

How to store your sourdough

24 Jan

For those who do not bake a lot of bread and therefore do not need sourdough every week, here’s how to store it for more than seven days: First of all you can spread it on a baking tray and leave it there for drying. After one to two days you can portion it for […]